Be prepared to be scared! From the eerie wagon ride down Phantom’s Phorsaken Path, to walking the haunted forest, to the challenge of shooting REAL Zombies in the Undead Shootout you will quickly understand why we are the TOP haunted attraction in the area. BEWARE, the Phantom may appear anytime, anywhere!!

On a moonless fall night nearly 300 years ago the villagers of Coldbrook Creek simply vanished into thin air. The eerie dilapidated countryside village still stands today.

It has been nearly 2 years since the last “treaspassers” walked the remains of the village, those who escaped back to safety reported hearing tortured screams, having ghostly encounters of the former residents and other restless creaturesthat had taken over the village. With the passing 2 years, your guess is as good as mine…. have the creatures fled the village or have they grown more hungry for more visators to feast on? Walk the Phorsaken Path of Coldbrook Creek this fall to find out for yourself.

A portion of the Village of Coldbrook Creek has been over run by zombies due to a toxic waste spill right on the adge of the village. We are looking for recruits to help end the Undead’s reign in that portion of the village. We have the trucks, guns (paintball) and ammo we just need more soldiers to join the army to take them down.

Do you have what it takes to help us rid the village of the Zombies? Take aim on the Zombies in The Undead Shootout this fall.

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